Tedrow announces bid for mayor


UNION CITY — After serving her community as a councilwoman for nearly six years, Chiane Tedrow has announced that she is running for the mayoral seat in the 2023 November Election. Tedrow’s start in local politics began when she approached the city asking about how she could help with the parks. She joined the park board and a few months later there became an empty council seat, she put in a letter of intent and was appointed to the position. She is now running for the position of mayor, where she feels she can continue to make a positive impact on her community.

Since being a councilwoman, she has received a Distinguished Citizen Award from the Ohio Art Council for her role in planning, installing and celebrating the Viaduct Mural created by the high school students at Mississinawa Valley. Tedrow stated, “The whole process from start to finish was incredibly rewarding and I can’t wait to be able to work on more community improvement projects.” She enjoys working closely with the community and school to accomplish projects and events.

Prior to her involvement in local politics, she had no experience in writing grants. She knew funds would be limited and that she would have to figure out how to fund these desperately needed park renovations. She wrote her first grant and submitted it to Darke County Parks. She stated, “Darke County Park District is such a vital part of our county and is an amazing resource for adults and kids alike.” The grant that she wrote for the 2023 grant cycle was awarded and was installed in mid-October. She stated “It may not be a whole new playground, however, it is a start on something that will continue to grow. I am very thankful for the support and guidance received by Darke County Parks.”

Community involvement is important, currently there is no way to view the council meetings unless you attend them in person. Tedrow sees this issue and wants to bring Union City, Ohio online. There are many benefits to having the meetings aired online, such as residents being able to watch them at their convenience, increased community input and transparency. As an elected official its my job to work for the people, listen to their comments and concerns and address them, we need to make sure everyone has the access to view and respond to the meetings.

Tedrow is a community-oriented leader and feels she can make a bigger impact for the residents of Union City, Ohio as the mayor. She would appreciate your support on Nov. 7, 2023.

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