Versailles FFA is a national top 10 chapter


VERSAILLES — The 96th National Convention and Expo was held on Nov. 1-4 in Indianapolis, Ind. Over 70,000 FFA members and supporters attended this event making it the world’s largest youth event.

Highlights of the National FFA Convention included Versailles FFA was announced as a Top 10 Chapter in the Nation as a Models of Excellence finalist, 3 Star National FFA Chapter and Cory Timmerman being recognized as a Top 4 finalist in a proficiency award.

The National FFA Proficiency Finalist and Winners were announced at the 96th National FFA Convention. Versailles FFA member Cory Timmerman was recognized on stage as Top 4 National FFA Proficiency Finalist in the area of Ag Mechanics Design and Fabrication. His SAE was a job placement at Classic Carriers which he serves as an ag mechanic. Cory is the son of Gary and Barb Timmerman.

On Saturday at the National FFA Convention, eight members of the Versailles FFA received their American FFA Degree. They included: Cory Timmerman, Elizabeth May, Caleb Kaiser, Carter Luthman, Elise George, Wyatt Browder, Alex Mangen, and Clay Bergman. This is the highest degree that the National FFA bestows upon its members. Over 457 members from Ohio received their American FFA Degree and over 9,000 total degrees were awarded on Saturday.

While at the National FFA Convention, besides attending the National FFA Convention sessions members enjoyed: Two Tours; Cargill-Faculty-Research-Farm in Lewisburg, and Fair Oak Dairy and Swine Operations in Indiana. They also enjoyed Famous Dave’s, Sauces on the Side, Harry and Izzy’s, Buckeye Bash at Kelsay Farms in Indiana, Cinch Rodeo at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, and a concert of Lainey Wilson and Dillon Carmichael at Gainbridge Fieldhouse Arena in Indianapolis, Ind.

A special thank you to members and parents who attended the convention. They included Hank Smith, Patrick McGlinch, Zoe Billenstein, Colin Batten, Maggie McGlinch, Camille George, Riley Kruckeberg, Carson Heitkamp, Lucas Timmerman, Jeremiah Wagner, Allee Grimme, Haley Mescher, Ava May, Zac Bartram, Emma Middendorf, Nick Gehret, Josie Pothast, Karlie Litten, Zander Keller, Trevor Luthman, Andrew Lyons, Grifon Miller, Brayden Heitkamp, and Nathan Timmerman, Tim Lyons, Gary Timmerman, Kelly and Kevin Luthman, Bernie and Heidi May, and Chad and Renea Browder.

Photo 8309: The Versailles FFA toured the

Cargill-Faculty-Research-Farm in Lewisburg, Ohio (Left to Right)

(front) Allee Grimme, Haley Mescher, Ava May, Emma Middendorf, Josie

Pothast, Karlie Litten, Riley Kruckeberg, Zoe Billenstein, Camille

George, Grifon Miller, Colin Batten, Brayden Heitkamp, Nathan

Timmerman, Hank Smith (back) Jeremiah Wagner, Lucas Timmerman, Zac

Bartram, Nick Gehret, Zander Keller, Patrick McGlinch, Maggie

McGlinch, Trevor Luthman, Carson Heitkamp, Andrew Lyons

Photo 4059: The Versailles FFA toured the Fair Oak Dairy and Swine

Operations in Indiana

Photo 4090: During the 96th National FFA Convention and Expo Cory

Timmerman was recognized as a Top 4 Finalist in Ag Mechanics Design

and Fabrications

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