Students learn to weld in Versailles


VERSAILLES — Students enrolled in Mechanical Principles, which is a course offered within the Versailles Agriculture Education Department have been busy studying welding/metals during the first nine weeks.

Students enrolled in Mechanical Principles have learned how to wire and stick weld, use the torch and plasma cutter. As part of the course students are required to complete skill grades using the wire and stick welder, torch and plasma cutter. Using the wire and stick welder skill grades include welding a lap, butt, T, straight beads and corner welds using the wire and stick welder. Using the torch students are graded on straight, bevel and hole cuts and using the plasma cutter students cut out their name and the state of Ohio.

A special thanks to Dynamic Weld of Osgood for donating all the metal that is used to complete skill grades and to complete welding projects. In addition to completing the skill grades students had the opportunity to listen to a representative from Hobart Welding Institute of Troy explaining welding school options within Hobart. In addition, Haines Ivanowicz, Midmark Welding supervisor and William Bailey, Midmark welding department both spoke about opportunities and their roles at Midmark.

In addition to welding, students in Versailles Agriculture Education Mechanical Principles course are currently studying electricity and will study small engines, hydraulics, safety and fastener identification.

Students enrolled in the Versailles Ag Ed Mechanicals Course include: Eden Barga, Brooke Bergman, Cole Brewer, Hunter Brown, Alex Dirksen, Dylan Hemmelgarn, Levi Johnson, Haley Mescher, Mitchell Phlipot, Ben Pitsenbarher, Blake Schmtmeyer, Ruth Smith, Landen Stakey, Levi Subler, Logan Williams, Jace Bergman, Cody Billenstein, Luke Borchers, Reed Grilliot, Brandyn Heitkamp, Trent Huber, Landyn Knapke, Nate Marshal, Maggie McGlinch, Nick Meyer, Bryson Moore, Reid Overholser, Joseph Petitjean, Ryan Schoeff, Nathan Timmerman, Tristan Ward, Sam Albers, Jack Borchers, Adam Brandt, Delaynee Bulcher, Caleb DeMange, Cale Henry, Patrick McGlinch, Josh Meyer, Shawna Schmitmeyer, Xavier Simon, Hank Smith, Colten Spadlin, Ethan Wilker and Cole Williams.

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