A rare gem – Vivian Mae Greve arrives


ARCANUM — Someday when Vivian Mae Greve hears the story about her birth, she will be just as surprised as her mother who never expected she would be born in an Emergency Room. In fact, she is the 14th baby born in Englewood’s Miami Valley Hospital Emergency Room since there is no Labor and Delivery unit at that hospital. ER births are relatively uncommon, especially at MVH less than 0.002% in fact.

Vivian, the daughter of Gabe and Traci Greve, of Arcanum, was to be born in downtown Dayton at Miami Valley Hospital’s birthing unit in the Berry Pavilion. However, Vivian decided she didn’t want to wait to get there and decided to come sooner and made her entrance into the world at the ER at MVH-North.

Vivian’s birth story started a day earlier, on February 18, which happens to be her older sister, Lorelai’s birthday with what Mom thought were just Braxton Hicks contractions because the baby’s due date was February 24th. The contractions were light and subsided later that evening. On the day of her birth, the contractions were mild and there was mild progression up until about 2 p.m. when it became apparent to Mom Traci that it was time to get to the hospital ASAP. Contractions had been about 12 minutes apart at 1 p.m. and within that hour went from zero to 100 very quickly!

Knowing it is extremely rare for a woman to not make it to the hospital on time, the Mom Traci and both Grandmas loaded into the car for the 40 minutes’ drive to downtown Dayton to MVH with brother, Hamilton and sister, Lorelai. The older siblings got dropped off to Grandpa and the women set off for downtown Dayton. By the time they reached Phillipsburg on State Route 49 there was notable change in labor, and it became obvious that the baby was coming much sooner than expected. As they approached the on-ramp to Interstate 70, it became obvious that Mom was in transition and this baby was coming within the next few minutes! Contractions were only 3 minutes apart. Grandma Terri made a phone call to MVH, and they instructed them to head for the nearest Emergency Room. A second phone call was made to Englewood’s MVH-ER that we were coming in for delivery.

“Can you drive any faster?” was asked of Grandma Vickie by the mother-to-be and the next thing you know they were speeding around a semi-truck while getting on I-70 driving almost 90 miles an hour! This baby was coming quickly! Upon arrival at the ER just off the interstate at Englewood, the mother was met by a nurse and a wheelchair! Within ten minutes Mom was examined and prepped; baby was imminent at any second. After a couple of pushes, and all-hands-on-deck staff in the ER, baby Vivian arrived. Vivian was born on Monday, February 19, 2024, at 3:27 p.m. just a few minutes after arriving at the ER in Englewood. Her mother, and both grandmothers had been in-route to the main hospital in downtown Dayton when it became aware that they were not going to make it another 20 minutes down the highway. Both Mom, baby and the two Grandma’s had survived, Baby Vivian was here!

Baby Vivian Mae and Mom Traci were then transferred down to the main hospital in downtown Dayton by ambulance. After a couple of days in the hospital Mom and Baby were dismissed to home. The story continues for Vivian because MVH Birthing Unit-Dayton couldn’t fill out the birth certificate because they didn’t witness the birth. When she was six weeks old, Mom and baby traveled to another hospital to find the Emergency Room physician to have him sign the birth certificate.

Welcoming baby Vivi home are her parents, Gabe and Traci Greve of Arcanum, big brother, Hamilton (7) and little sister, Lorelai (6). Proud grandparents are Greg and Terri Greve and Vickie Rhodehamel. Proud great-grandmothers are Lois Troutwine of Arcanum and Martha Greve of Greensburg, Indiana.

Vivan Mae Greve arrived weighing eight pounds, five ounces and measured 20 inches long. Vivian has many Aunts and Uncles as well as cousins welcoming her into both families. She is one lucky little girl who just barely made it to the ER to arrive into this big old world! Welcome Vivian, a rare gem in the Greve household!

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