Ethan Sunsdahl signs on to IU East golf program


By Drew Terhall

GREENVILLE — Greenville senior Ethan Sunsdahl signed on to IU East to join their men’s golf program next year.

Sunsdahl said he wanted to stay close to home and IU East was the perfect fit for him.

“Just going over there on the visit, it got my attention right away. Very affordable as well. I wanted to pursue golf and I wanted to play at the next level,” Sunsdahl said.

Sunsdahl was persistent in getting this opportunity. IU East men’s golf head coach Jeffrey Williams said he contact Sunsdahl early in the recruiting process, but he had some players stay that were supposed to leave and they didn’t really have a spot for him.

But with Sunsdahl staying in contact with him, they eventually found a spot for him.

“He just got back to me and got back to me. I felt like a kid that is determined and as persistent as he is, then I got to know him. He seems like a great kid, good character and good grades. All of the things that we put ahead of the golf stuff before we recruit somebody,” Williams said. “When he showed he had all that and the fact he wanted to be a part of our program so badly, it became a no-brainer.”

Greenville boys golf head coach Brian Stickel said he is thrilled to see Sunsdahl earn this opportunity with all of the hard work he has put in.

After playing in some varsity matches his sophomore year, Sunsdahl understood what it would take to not only succeed at the varsity level but also what it would take to get an opportunity like this.

Stickel said Sunsdahl took lessons and got physically right to become the golfer he is today.

“Great kid. Great, hard working young man. Will do anything you ask him to do. He’s worked hard. He’s become one of my better golfers that I had,” Stickel said. “I think he’s up in the top 10 scoring average wise of all of the golfers I’ve ever had.”

Sunsdahl was an All-MVL First Team member in his senior season. Sunsdahl ended his season in the Division I District Tournament tied for 31st with a score of 78.

Williams said Sunsdahl has a high ceiling and fits well with the team. But it won’t be an easy transition. He said it’s more of a transition than some realize.

“The courses are a little bit longer. When you get up on the tee box, you may have been the number one at your school. But now you’re playing against four other number ones. The competition is a little stiffer. A lot of qualifying where you’re beating each other up as a team. As soon as the qualifying is done, we’re back to being a team. His personality and his character is perfect for us,” Williams said.

But Sunsdahl has the right attitude to work his way through any freshmen slumps.

Stickel said Sunsdahl has the right mindset to fight through any adversity he faces.

“He’s the type of kid that if things don’t go well, he’s going to work at it to make himself better so he will play. He wants to play. I think he’ll fit in real well,” Stickel said.

Sunsdahl said he sees himself making an impact right away. He is ready to go up against the higher level of competition.

This is something that Sunsdahl has prepared for. He said he trusts the hard work he has put into his game and trust his experiences in tournaments.

“Playing in separate tournaments got me prepared with the harder competition. The individuals that go out there and the experience on a day to day basis in a tournament setting, it’s completely different than just going out and practicing. I think I’m going to adjust pretty well,” Sunsdahl said.

While at IU East, Sunsdahl plans to study in business with a focus in either accounting or business management.

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