Hyacinths blooms at Arcanum Nature Preserve


ARCANUM — The wild hyacinths are putting on their show now in the Arcanum Nature Preserve at Ivester Park. Until two years ago when the village of Arcanum acquired the 16 acres of woods and 32 acres of farm land the flowers were a well kept secret.

Although a variety of flowering plants can be found in the woods before the trees leaf out the Wild Hyacinths are the most spectacular, with a terminal raceme of numerous pale lavender blue flowers topping a 2 foot stem. The rich soil in the north woods is right for the hyacinths to thrive. This is a true ephemeral, and quickly wilts following flowering. So now is the time to see these beauties.

To enter the Preserve, parking is available at the swimming pool on Weisenbarger Court. Walk to the entrance of the woods, follow the path along Painter Creek then circle around to the west side of the woods to see the large showing of hyacinths. The length of the trail, in and out, is less than a mile from the parking lot.

The trails are well maintained. The south woods has a wider trail, with the trail in the north woods being more primitive yet easy to walk.

The flowers will only be blooming for a short time. Plan to visit Arcanum Nature Preserve at Ivester Park soon to see the spectacular wild hyacinths.

Attending a recent wildflower walk: Arcanum Garden Club members; Jeannie Artin, Kornelia Barnett, Kristine Hayes, Connie Wells, Brenda Zarka. Also attending: Village Administrator/Police Chief Marcus Ballinger, Jim & Barb Deis, Charlie Harris, David Hayes, Tom Jones, Jerry Rademachir, Tanya Simpson, Fred Troutwine, Kara and Porter Turner, and Bill Zarka.

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