In Demand Jobs Week in Darke County to be celebrated with a fair


By Meladi Brewer

GREENVILLE — The OhioMeansJobs Center will be hosting a Job Fair May 7-9 from 11 a.m. -2 p.m at 603 Wagner Ave., Greenville.

“We are hosting eight employers each day. Along with our Job Fair, we will host a resume workshop every Thursday starting at 9 a.m.,” Workforce Administrator Julie Roessner said.

The OhioMeansJobs Center also has two virtual reality headsets available to explore career options in Health Science, Architect & Construction, Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security, and Manufacturing.

“Twelve additional careers are being added by the end of May 2024,” Roessner said.

All these opportunities are part of the celebration of In-Demand Jobs week. Ohio is home to hundreds of occupations designated as “In-Demand Jobs” because they offer good pay, the potential for growth and many current job openings. They are chosen using various industry-and occupation-focused measures to determine the occupations most sought after by employers and most vital to the region’s economic future.

“For students and job seekers, In-Demand Jobs Week is an opportunity to learn more through local events and activities about the rewarding and high-demand careers available in our region,” Roessner said.

It is an opportunity for employers and workforce professions to open their doors to students and job seekers to increase interest in local jobs and build a talent pipeline, and it allows for secondary and post-secondary educators an opportunity to inspire students by focusing on in-demand careers and pathways in the classroom and beyond.

“We also provide additional services to our community,” Roessner said. “It provides individuals with skills and credentials to secure and advance in employment.”

By strengthening the success of employees and employers and with increased employment retention and earnings. The programs will be offered to adults over the age of 18, Dislocated workers who have lost their job through no fault of their own.

The commissioners Matt Aultman and Larry Holmes declared May 6-10 as In-Demand Jobs Week in Darke County.

The commissioners met for their Regular Session following the proclamation where the two commissioners present opened bids for the ramp at Garst Avenue. Dale Musser, the Facilities & Maintenance Manager, said the ramp is for ADA compliance at the Garst Building, Board of Elections, Juvenile Court, and the Health Department.

“Two weeks ago we had a pre-bid meeting where we invited five contractors,” Musser said. “We got bids today via email from two of those contractors.”

Brumbaugh Construction was the lowest bidder with an estimate of $244,965, and Arcon Builders followed with an estimate of $324,000. The estimated total for the project was $280,340, and the commissioners moved to accept the bids for review.

The Job & Family Services received a new grant for tornado disaster relieve. In acceptance of the grant, revenue and appropriation increase were approved for a total of $175,000. Also, a total of $20,200 was approved as a revenue and appropriation increase for the ‘23 Gettysburg School Demo Grant.

Commissioner Holmes advised he drove by the day prior and it is a “well done project.”

“I drove by there yesterday, and they got this looking pretty good,” Holmes said. “I commend them for a job well done, as least from the exterior. I peaked in the in the open door. It didn’t look like a lot had changed there, but they didn’t invite me in.”

Commissioner Aultman said interiorly they had redone the floor with some epoxy flooring, and there are more plans set in place.

“The community is really using it now,” Aultman said. “Which is good.”

The commissioners approved the quotes to purchase three Police Pursuit Vehicles (PPV). The vehicles will be 2024 Chevy Tahoes, and the quoted price from Kelley Chevrolet in Ft. Wayne was the best option with a quote for $51,945 per Tahoe. this price per Tahoe is only $1,182 over the state bid of $50,758.

The higher price is due to a Safety Package that was added which provides lane assist and emergency braking, remote start, and carpeting/liner/floor mats. In order to offset some of the added costs this year, the department will be reusing equipment from vehicles removed from the fleet. The repurposed equipment will create a significant savings for the equipment install per cruiser.

The commissioners also met for Executive Session following the Regular Session to discuss Pending or Imminent Court Action in relation to a Civil Complaint Against Manufactures & Distributors of Prescription Opiates. Commissioners Matt Aultman and Larry Holmes along with Assistant Prosecutor Margaret Hayes were present for the executive session.

The commissioners meet for their regular session every Tuesday and Thursday at 520 S Broadway in Greenville. These sessions are open to the public and start at 1:30 p.m.

To contact Daily Advocate Reporter Meladi Brewer, email [email protected].

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