Hulsmeyer earns leadership award


VERSAILLES — Midmark Corp., the only company transforming healthcare experiences through innovative design within the medical, dental and animal health environments, today announced Sue Hulsmeyer, Midmark chief people and administrative officer, is the first Midmark Teammate to earn the Anne Eiting Klamar Leadership Award of Distinction from the Professional Women in Healthcare (PWH) organization. PWH named Hulsmeyer as the recipient of the award at the 2024 PWH Leadership Summit in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 30, 2024.

“With her empathetic, people-first approach, Sue embodies the qualities of the Anne Eiting Klamar Leadership Award of Distinction,” said Midmark president and CEO Jon Wells. “She is the best example of servant leadership I know of. Sue has is committed to doing what is right, and a trusted perspective valued by our leadership team. Her active participation in PWH over many years has greatly benefitted the organization and allowed her to refine and enhance her professional skills as a respected leader, valued mentor and trusted strategic voice at Midmark.”

The award recognizes women in healthcare who are active supporters and promotors of PWH and have experienced significant growth to become accomplished leaders. Recipients of the award exude confidence and integrity and are well respected by the healthcare industry, their peers and their subordinates. They are also committed to giving back and are leaders others desire to follow and be mentored by.

PWH Chair of the Board, Allison Therwhanger, commented, “Sue has been a dedicated colleague and friend to all who know her, balancing her professional and personal life, showcasing a skill that commands admiration. Sue’s hallmark is her ability to uplift those around her with a kind word, and her leadership exemplifies the pinnacle of aspiration for us all.”

An adviser to the PWH Board of Directors, Julee Prefer, stated, “Sue is a daily example of confidence combined with humility, demonstrating the highest integrity and genuine care for anyone who has encountered her. Sue has mentored countless others in charting their career course and reaching their potential. She is a true servant leader who has earned the highest level of respect from all who know her.”

Hulsmeyer has been an integral part of the PWH community since 2007, and according to her, the organization has played a pivotal role in her professional development. She has made many contributions to PWH at the national level, particularly as the chair of the Strategic Oversight Committee from 2019 through 2021, after serving as a committee member for several years. This role, one of the most significant within PWH, entrusted her with the overall sustainability of the organization.

Her numerous contributions to the organization include pioneering the introduction of succession planning to the PWH Board, enhancing the organization’s placement process for board and committee members. PWH recognized her innovative approach in 2014 when she was honored with the Outstanding Achievement

Award. Hulsmeyer is also a strong supporter of the annual PWH Leadership Summit, participating in various leadership training sessions and panel discussions.

Hulsmeyer joined Midmark in 2001 as the human resources manager. In 2023, she was promoted to a newly created C-suite position, chief people and administrative officer. In this role, she is responsible for attracting, hiring and retaining top talent, succession planning and developing future leaders. She is also responsible for the realization of the Midmark culture, values and teammate experience across the organization, as well as directing all “people” functions at Midmark.

The award is named in honor of Dr. Anne Eiting Klamar, previous president and CEO of Midmark and the current chair of the company’s board. Klamar also served as the first chair of PWH and helped lay the groundwork for the development and continued success of the organization.

About Midmark

Founded in 1915, Midmark Corporation is the only company transforming healthcare experiences through innovative design within the medical, dental and animal health environments. With more than 2,200 teammates worldwide, Midmark focuses on harmonizing space, technology and workflows, creating a better experience for caregivers and patients at the point of care. The Midmark headquarters and innovation hub are located in Versailles, Ohio, which is also home to the Midmark Experience Center, Design Center, Technology Center and its largest manufacturing facility. Midmark maintains eleven additional locations in the United States, including four innovation hubs, and has subsidiaries in India and Italy. To learn more about Midmark, visit

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