Commissioners discuss new positions and road safety


By Meladi Brewer

GREENVILLE — Commissioners discussed new positions and road safety. Commissioners Matt Aultman and Marshall Combs were present.

As the weather warms, more farmers will be joining the number of slow moving vehicles (SMV) in the area. SMV signs are required by law on farm machinery and equipment and animal-drawn vehicle traveling on roadways at speeds of 25 mph or less and must be visible for at least 500 feet to the rear.

“I’d say watch out. There are a lot of folks on the roads that have slow moving equipment. I know that needs to be out there as well because I have about got hit the last three days,” Aultman said.

It is important when traveling to slow down and be aware of ones surroundings. SMV can come up quickly for distracted drivers, and when passing, ensure to do so safely to lower the risk of a head on collision.

For SMV that are traveling in the opposite direction, remember that machinery may be bigger than it appears. Allow time and space to pass. Larger vehicles may need more room to pass. Always signal before passing, and while on the road, move to the passing lane ahead of time to make sure the road is clear.

The commissioners received revenue and appropriation increase for the the 2022 Emergency Performance Grant. The supplemental funds of $11,645 for the 2022 EMPG were unknown at the beginning of the year and needed to be updated as they were received.

“You may be wondering why we are doing ‘22 now, and it is because they are normally a year and a half behind with the EMA stuff,” Aultman said. “It is always you perform and then they pay.”

A fund advance was received for the 2023 Airport Runway Rehab Grant. This is advancing revenue back to the general fund in the amount of $35,031.30. Also a Fund Advance was also approved from the General Fund to an Outside Fund. The total of $462 was moved to cover Loudy Office bill for copier maintenance for the 2022 CDBG Grant. This money will be advanced back once revenue is received.

An adoption of a new position for a Building Maintenance Superintendent was approved. This position is to continuously work to maximize efficiencies in operations, and it will be “Full Time – Classified – Exempt”.

“Dale Musser had brought this to our attention as someone to fill in for him,” Aultman said. “They also will be able to fill in with some heavy HVAC experience. Dale presented it to the board to promote one of his own who is working in the maintenance department.”

Combs added that having this individual to fill in with leadership and supervisor rolls while Musser is out with the knowledge of the buildings and HVAC will be beneficial and what warranted this Superintendent position. They both approved the adoption of the position.

A mandatory expense totalling approximately $1,061.70 was approved for Judge Julie Monnin to attend a Summer Judicial Conference in July. The total cost covers transportation, lodging, meals, and registration.

“She does have noted any exempted taxes,” Aultman said. “Sometimes we run into some lodging where they wont exempt taxes.”

Commissioner Combs also advised the FEMA will be available at the Darke County EMA building to help assist with the March tornado damage.

“Starting on Monday this week, if you had damage from the March tornadoes and you reside within Darke County, you can meet with the FEMA specialist,” Combs said. “It started on Monday and will go until this Friday, May 24.

They will be available starting at 7:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. those days.

“So if you do have damages or suffered any other loss from those tornadoes in March of this year, please go there to fill out an application or seek some assistance to get questions answered,” Combs said.

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