Ohio First Caucus holds first meeting


COLUMBUS — Ohio First Caucus recently held its first meeting to discuss the intentions of the caucus and hear from guest speakers in the national security industry.

The bipartisan, bicameral caucus, which State Representative Angie King (R-Celina) joint chairs with State Senator Terry Johnson (R-McDermott), focuses on promoting Ohio’s interests with an informed and intelligent understanding of the state’s role in global affairs and advance state policies initiatives that will help keep Ohioans safe from foreign adversaries like King’s Ohio Property Protection Act.

King’s legislation will prohibit foreign adversarial nations from purchasing Ohio property near critical infrastructure and military installments. The Ohio Property Protection Act recently had a second hearing in the House Civil Justice Committee.

“The Ohio First Caucus isn’t about politics,” King said. “It is about Ohioans. Regardless of what side of the aisle you find yourself, we all want a thriving state that is safe and secure. Legislation like the Ohio Property Protection Act provide that security and hearing from national experts is crucial for developing effective policies that safeguard our communities.”

Members of the caucus heard from national security experts Michael Lucci, founder of the State Armor, which he created to develop and enact state solutions to global security threats. Steve Yates, Senior Fellow and Chair, China Policy Initiative, America First Policy Institute. He is an analyst and practitioner with experience at various levels of politics, policy, media and national security affairs. Anthony J. Ruggiero, Senior Vice President, American Global Strategies. Ruggiero is an expert in sanctions, illicit finance, export controls, counterproliferation and nonproliferation and Jacqueline Deal, American Academy for Strategic Education and has been running the Long Term Strategy Group (LTSG) since 2006 were she provides research and analysis on defense issues and future trends to government sponsors and other clients.

The caucus will host additional meetings in the future.

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