Bradford girls basketball hosts youth and high school camp


BRADFORD — The Bradford High School girls basketball program hosted a youth camp June 28 and 29 for kids grades three through sixth.

Bradford girls basketball head coach Josh Siedling said it was important to him and to the program to host this youth camp.

“It’s important to teach the youth, especially the fundamentals. A lot of times that kind of gets overlooked, just in the sense of forgotten almost. It’s the repetitive small things a lot of people don’t like to do. It’s important to instill that the younger they are. That way, the time they get to high school we can build upon what’s already been established,” Siedling said.

The camp was led by Siedling, his coaching staff and coaching friends along with the high school players. The coaches organized what drills and games the campers would play while the high school players worked with them.

The players demonstrated the drills for the campers and coached them through it.

After the youth camp was done, the high schoolers went through the two-day camp themselves. Siedling and his fellow coaches worked with the high school players and junior high players during the two days.

The players went through a similar camp last year led by Siedling and some of his coaching friends from around the area. The main focus was on offensive skills. The Lady Railroaders showed off their hard work last season as they saw improvement on offense.

Siedling hopes to see the team continue to put in the work and continue to improve.

“The work in the summer definitely showed throughout the season. We doubled our scoring output from the first year. If we can double that again, that would be about 60 points a game. We would like that,” Siedling said.

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