Sure Shot Tap House opens new Bullseye Game Lounge


By Drew Terhall

GREENVILLE — It’s time to get your game on at Sure Shot Tap House. The tap house officially opened up their new Bullseye Game Lounge on July 4. The upstairs arcade area features 24 arcade games, duckpin bowling and two new venue spaces.

Owner Andrew Riffle said since having the tap house for three and a half years, he was always thinking about different things to add for the people of Darke County. A lot of hard work went into putting together the new activity area.

“We always wanted to, not just myself but other business people, continue to bring endeavors to Greenville. Not only Greenville people and Darke people can stay home and spend their hard earned money with local businesses here in Darke County, but also attract people from outside our county to our county and showcase what we have to offer,” Riffle said.

The upstairs area was previously a three bedroom and three bathroom Airbnb. Riffle said they cleared out the area and got to work to figure out what they could fit.

As soon as you walk into the game room, you are met by many different arcade machines. The room is equipped with games like skee ball, Big Buck Hunter, racing games and arcade basketball.

There is also four lanes of duckpin bowling stretched across the room. There is also an upstairs lounge for a place to sit down.

You can play these games by using prepaid game cards or your credit and debt cards. Game cards can be purchased at the merchandise room or at the kiosk upstairs.

Just outside the game room are two game lounges available to rent out. One space holds up to 25 people while the other holds up to 50 people. Both rooms are situated right outside the game lounge.

Riffle said he always thought it would be interesting to have a space like this, especially for during the winter months. It’s something for people to do outside of their house that doesn’t involve standing out in the cold.

“When it gets cold out, me and my family would have to travel to Dayton an hour away to go to Scene 75. It’s a great facility, but the more I went to places like that I’m like, ‘Man, I wish Greenville had something like that.’ Finally about around the holidays, I started researching even more and figuring out how big of an investment it would be. We signed the paperwork and got started,” Riffle said.

For more information on the Bullseye Game Lounge and on renting out one of the game lounges, visit or visit their Facebook page at Sure Shot Tap House.

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