Baker announces retirment


GREENVILLE — It is with bittersweet sentiment that Trustwell Living at Oakley Place announce Sandy Baker’s retirement, effective July 10.

Baker’s departer signifies a pivotal moment for Trustwell Living at Oakley Place. She has championed the art of empathy and kindness for all the families of Darke County for the last 13 years at Oakley. Her vision and dedication propelled us to our current industry standing and her work undeniably secured their future success. Oakley Place was beyond blessed for the 13 years of service that Baker provided not only to them but the community and their families. She put her heart and soul into helping the residents of our community.

While Baker’s retirement is their loss, it is well deserved. Trustwell Living at Oakley Place wishes Sandy all the best as she embarks on a new chapter in her life.

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